Gold : 3,288.43


Silver : 43.12


Platinum : 1,499.44


Palladium : 1,425.07

Timeless Brilliance: A Collection of Exquisite Diamond Necklace Sets August 7, 2023 – Posted in: Diamond, Diamond Jewellery, Necklaces

Diamonds have been adorning the necks of royalty, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts for centuries. Known for their unparalleled brilliance and timeless elegance, diamond necklaces are among the most coveted pieces of jewellery worldwide. These exquisite adornments are a symbol of luxury, sophistication, and everlasting beauty. The art of crafting diamond necklace sets has evolved over generations, showcasing an array of styles that cater to individual preferences and occasions. From classic and understated to bold and extravagant, diamond…

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Eternal Brilliance: A Showcase of Diamond Bracelet Designs August 3, 2023 – Posted in: Bracelets, Diamond, Diamond Jewellery

A diamond bracelet is a captivating piece of jewellery that exudes sophistication, style, and luxury. Diamond bracelets come in a wide array of designs, each carefully crafted to reflect individuality and personal taste. From delicate and dainty styles to bold and statement-making pieces, there’s a diamond bracelet to suit every occasion and preference. The allure of diamond bracelets lies not only in the precious gemstones but also in the craftsmanship that goes into creating each…

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Diamond Cluster Earrings July 7, 2023 – Posted in: Diamond, Earrings, Latest Design

Diamond cluster earrings are indeed a fashionable trend in the jewellery industry. Cluster earrings, in general, have gained popularity due to their versatility and ability to create a stunning visual impact. The clustered arrangement of smaller diamonds gives the illusion of a larger, more intricate diamond, making them a desirable choice for those seeking a bold and glamorous look. One reason diamond cluster earrings are in fashion is their ability to provide maximum sparkle and…

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Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings June 1, 2023 – Posted in: Diamond, Gold, Wedding Jewellery

Vintage-inspired diamond engagement rings are in constant demand and have a special, essential nature of love for your loved one attached to them. This is what distinguishes and elevates the collection of vintage engagement rings. Most engagement ring designs made in a contemporary style don’t look as good as many vintage-inspired designs. The craftsmen who put great work into ensuring that the jewellery appears with modern classic attributes and an antique look created all of…

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Points to Consider When Buying Your First Diamond Chain April 10, 2023 – Posted in: Diamond

Diamond chains are timeless pieces of jewellery. It considered classic to wear a diamond chain to any event because it gives your personality a chic look. The finest diamond chains are those that can be worn to complement one’s sense of style. Although everyone in today’s world wants to follow trends and wants to look their best, the reality is twofold: a chain must not be too extravagant for daily wear or too expensive for…

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How to Choose a Diamond – Buying Guide December 8, 2022 – Posted in: Diamond

There are many categories of diamonds to pick from, and it can be challenging to find the perfect one for you. In a jewellery store, you can only get limited pieces of jewellery but when you look for diamond jewellery in an online store, you can find a wide variety. When you search for a diamond, the first thing that appears is the 4Cs of the diamond, which is for sure important, but other than…

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The 4 Cs for Loose Diamonds November 21, 2022 – Posted in: Diamond

If you are looking to buy diamond jewellery then it is vital to know everything about diamonds. Have you ever heard of the 4 Cs of diamonds? Perhaps not, so let’s review and talk about them. “4 Cs” is a short term for: Clarity, Colour, Carat, and Cut. Getting the right piece of diamond jewellery is very difficult if you are not aware of diamond quality or if you can’t analyze whether it is of…

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Buying Diamond Jewellery On A Budget November 3, 2022 – Posted in: Diamond, Diamond Buyer, Diamond Jewellery

  A diamond is among the most expensive gemstones that’s ever been available . As we all know, the world is moving at a great pace, and to match the ever-increasing standards of the world is quite difficult for the average person. Diamond jewellery is always in demand because every wedding season calls for elegant diamond accessories. But whenever the word “Diamond” is mentioned, the available budget seems inadequate because buying even a simple diamond…

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Diamond Jewellery for Every Occasion October 17, 2022 – Posted in: Diamond

Diamond jewellery has always been one of the most attractive fashion accessories. For festivities, folks love to wear a beautiful and delicate piece of jewellery and for this purpose they spend a lot of time selecting one according to their apparel. To stand out in a crowd, a woman’s first pick is always something “diamond” because it is shinier and prettier on every look. A gorgeous piece of jewellery complements and accentuates the physical trait…

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Valentine Day Gift October 13, 2022 – Posted in: Diamond, Jewellery

Valentine’s is the occasion to celebrate love; it is the time of the year to profess your love by giving beautiful gifts to your beloved. At such festivities, precious gifts are most preferred, especially something made with diamonds or gold. Diamond rings are commonly associated with love, which communicates the strong bond between lovers. Diamonds are regarded as the ultimate expression of love or the best emotional gift to foster friendship. The diamond represents an…

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