Toronto Buy Back Service

  • Sell For Urgent Cash Right Now
  • Choose To Buy Back In 30 Days
  • Handy And Helpful

What Can I Buy Back?

Anything You Sell To Us!

Gold, Silver & Platinum
Luxury Swiss Watches
Diamonds & Coloured Gemstones

* Must Ask To Buy Back Before Free Valuation *

Cash In 5 Easy Steps

1. Choose Buy Back​

For special consideration.

2. Authentication

Free assessment for buy back value.

3. Sell Your Item For Cash

Legal change of ownership.

4. Item Stored 30 Days

Secured and repurposing suspended.

5. Buy Back In 30 Days

Re-purchase at slight premium over initial sale price.

Buy Back Terms

1. Buy Back ticket required.

2. Sale date start of Buy Back period.

3. Re-purchase within 30 days of initial sale.

4. Item repurposed after 30 days.

Control Your Valuation

How? It's easy!

Match correct cash value with desire to keep your valuable:


Final Sale = Highest Valuation

  • maximum cash payout
  • zero desire to keep
  • final deal right now


Buy Back = Higher Valuation

  • more cash over less
  • maybe desire to keep
  • 30 days to re-purchase


Pawn Loan = Lesser Valuation

  • less cash for more time
  • strong desire to keep
  • 12 months to re-pay loan

* Get Instant Cash All Options *

Interested in Buy Back Service?
  • You Must Be Lawful Owner
  • You Must Come In Person
  • Must Be 18 Years Of Age
  • Government-Issued Photo ID
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