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Value of Your Gemstone

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Know the value: your diamond

  • Cut is primary determinant of value
  • Look for highest optical dispersion (radiates light of different colours)
  • Diamond luster called “adamantine”
  • Only gem made of single element: carbon
  • Hardest material on earth

Know the value: your Emerald

  • Look for pure verdant green hue
  • High degree of transparency required
  • Finest emeralds are 75% tone (scale: 0% colourless, 100% opaque black)
  • Most valued variety of beryl
  • Graded by eye: lab-graded comparison stones used to see if green colour dark enough

Know the value: your Ruby

  • Desired today as much as ever
  • Can command highest per-carat price of any coloured stone
  • Purity and beauty of colour is primary determinant of value
  • Rubies mined from marble more intense red colour
  • Most valuable of corundum minerals

Know the value: your Sapphire

  • Look for deep, intense, velvety blue
  • Highest prices paid for pure blue and vivid saturation
  • Standard for blue set by Kashmir sapphires
  • Highest premium for Kashmir sapphires
  • Third hardest mineral
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