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If you are looking to buy diamond jewellery then it is vital to know everything about diamonds. Have you ever heard of the 4 Cs of diamonds? Perhaps not, so let’s review and talk about them. “4 Cs” is a short term for: Clarity, Colour, Carat, and Cut. Getting the right piece of diamond jewellery is very difficult if you are not aware of diamond quality or if you can’t analyze whether it is of good quality or not. It is crucial to know about the 4 Cs of diamond jewellery because they make the diamond more valuable.

If you want to make the right choice it is vital to know how important the 4 Cs of diamonds are and how they work in relation to each other. Before buying online jewellery people do well to research the pro and cons of the material and you will get to know certain terms like “symmetry” “polish” “table and depth percentage” “fluorescence” etc that may not be known to you but these elements have a significant impact on diamond’s brilliance and worth. In this blog, we will give you professional diamond education and assist you in making the correct choice.

  1. Cut of Diamond

Among other significant variables, cut is the most essential one. It can be determined by the difference between the diamond that seems to be perfectly in tune with illumination, entering and reflecting out, compared to the one that is rather “lifeless” as the light is diverted along the way. Diamond cut precisely describes the sparkle, brilliance, specula reflection, angles, dimensions, and polishing features of a diamond which makes the stone elegant yet noticeable. These elements are vital because they have an immediate effect on a diamond’s propensity to shine as well as its general visual attractiveness.

The diamond should have a symmetrical internal structure, particularly when it comes to its edges. The entire stone will lose its worth if any of its edges not perfectly aligned. Once the object has done for alignment, the polishing procedure then starts. The process of polishing every facet is laborious but worth it. If the customer wants a traditional round cut, the cutter examines each of the 58 edges to make the stone smooth from every side to achieve the customer’s desired brightestness.

  1. Colour of Diamond

The more colourless the diamond is the more value it will have. The color grading of the diamond is often misinterpreted because the majority of people think that the colour of the diamond makes it more valuable but that is not so. A scale is used to grade the colour of the diamond. When you adjust the colour of the diamond on the scale you will see that a more yellowish shade makes the diamond less valuable because the diamond is popular for its shine and if it looks pale then it will be rejected by people in the first place.

The maximum level is the “D” level which indicates it has no colour at all. Many first-time buyers are unaware of how fluorescence plays a significant role in colouring the diamond. Some diamond stones are fluorescent and they begin to emit bluish light when expose to infrared (UV) radiation. Fancy coloured diamonds, created organically from nature have unique colours including green, black, blue, pink, red, and yellow. The more unique the colour the more valuable the stone will be.

  1. Clarity of Diamond

The clarity of the diamond combines internal and environmental components. The majority of people exclude those with the grades FL/IF, which stands for flawless and inner perfection, show defects of varying levels when viewed from the inside. The elements of the diamond help to cover the fault of the stone. Generally, imperfection and defects of diamond that are obvious appear to reduce the value of the stone to most buyers.

  1. Carat Weight of Diamond

The 4 Cs of diamonds are all equally important but the cost of the stone will often be most influenced by the weight it has. The carat grading system illustrates this for you. Although carat weight is factor to take into account when purchasing diamond, the design and brilliance should given greater importance. It’s critical to keep in mind that focusing on just one of the 4C’s is insufficient.