Gold : 3,288.43


Silver : 43.12


Platinum : 1,499.44


Palladium : 1,425.07

The Elegance and Tradition of Indian Gold Jewellery August 17, 2023 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Indian gold jewellery is a mesmerizing fusion of art, culture, and craftsmanship that has adorned the lives of millions for centuries. With its intricate designs, vivid gemstones, and timeless elegance, Indian gold jewellery has transcended mere ornamentation to become an integral part of the country’s cultural identity and heritage. Rooted in ancient traditions, Indian gold jewellery has evolved into a symbol of prosperity, grace, and celebration. From elaborate bridal sets that adorn brides on their…

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Bridal Jewellery Online July 13, 2023 – Posted in: Latest Design, Lifestyle, Uncategorized, Wedding Jewellery

Bridal jewellery online is a common trend these days because online shopping has made life so easy. Online shopping allows you to browse and purchase bridal jewellery from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with internet access. You can avoid the hassle of visiting multiple physical stores, dealing with crowds, and limited store hours. Bridal jewellery online shopping offers numerous advantages and can be an amazing way to find and purchase the perfect pieces for…

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Customized Birthstone Rings for Women June 12, 2023 – Posted in: Jewellery, Latest Design, Lifestyle, Ring, Uncategorized

Customization is a famous trend now because everyone is bored of wearing the same basic designs of jewellery. Birthstones are often associated with an individual’s birth month, and people feel a personal connection to the stone that represents their birth month. It becomes a unique identifier and a way to celebrate their individuality. Each birthstone is believed to possess certain qualities, characteristics, and symbolism associated with it. These attributes can vary across cultures and traditions.…

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Statement Chandelier Earrings for Special Occasions June 8, 2023 – Posted in: Earrings, Gold Earrings, Uncategorized, Wedding Earrings

A statement chandelier earring is a type of earring characterized by its elaborate and eye-catching design. It typically features multiple dangling components that resemble the shape of a chandelier, hence the name. These earrings are often larger in size and more intricate in design compared to regular earrings. Statement chandelier earrings are meant to draw attention and serve as the focal point of an outfit. Because they are stylish, come in a variety of styles,…

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Trending Jewellery Designs March 13, 2023 – Posted in: Jewellery, Uncategorized

Starting a few years ago, delicate, understated, and minimal jewellery designs have been in vogue when it comes to different gemstones. Yet, things are currently moving in a chunkier direction, and ostentatious, bulky pieces of jewellery are now in style. You can find loud hoop earrings, multiple layers of gold chain necklaces, and piles of chunky bracelets on the mood boards and social media pages of the most popular fashion bloggers. On both influencers’ and…

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Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day February 6, 2023 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Valentine’s Day, the most anticipated holiday, celebrated on February 14. It is a time when couples share their affection for one another by exchanging gifts and pleasantries. Thousands of couples around the world will rejoice. Valentine’s Day is accompanied by Valentine’s Week, during which every day of the week has something related to love. Rose Day is on February 7, followed by Propose Day on February 8, Chocolate Day on February 9, Teddy Day on…

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Jewellery Trends for Fall/Winter 2023 January 19, 2023 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Every season has a unique charm and excitement because New Jewellery Trends emerge with each new season. People love to wear different accessories according to the season. Currently, the winter season is making the environment cozy and comfortable, and everyone has to be overly dressed to cover themselves. With the attire, the accessory is the mandatory thing. When it comes to preparing your wardrobe for winter, jewellery is presumably not at the top of your…

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