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Rings are the common accessory without which every event seems incomplete. When it comes to engagement rings, people prefer a unique and delicate design to look elegant on the hand of the bride. Because an engagement ring is something that is worn for life, everyone obviously wants them to durable so that they retain their charm forever. Engagement rings often remain a surprise until the engagement day, so the partner remains in a dilemma about the shape and style of the ring because there are several shapes of rings available now. Because every individual loves to look different, many people are abandoning simplistic designs and making their moments more memorable by adding special details.

Moreover, there are many materials also available, which makes it more difficult to pick one for your big day. But in this blog, we will only discuss white gold diamond rings. White gold is made from a combination of pure gold and white materials like nickel, silver, and palladium, and is also most often plated with rhodium. White gold is authentic, although it is not purely composed of gold. The other metals assist in strengthening the gold and making it more durable for jewellery use. And when combined with a diamond, it becomes even more valuable.

Different Shapes of White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

  1. Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Round cut diamond rings are considered the most common type of engagement ring because it has a timeless quality and a classical touch. Round-cut rings are the most common diamond shape for engagement rings as about 75% of the rings are round shaped for engagement. It is a very versatile shape because the size of the ring depends on your budget, and for this reason, more people can afford round-shaped engagement rings. Furthermore, this shape has a charm that makes every hand look beautiful, which is why people usually experiment with making round-cut diamond engagement rings. The finest quality round-cut stones are colorless (grade D-F) and thus have no constituents, making them pristine.

  1. Radiant-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

If you want your ring to look the shiniest then you should certainly choose a radiant-cut diamond shape ring. It has four slightly curved edges that are delicately snipped. The cut is comparable to emerald-cut diamonds, but they have more brightness. It complements a modern-day event and sometimes gives off a classic vibe. It looks beautiful on thin fingers so consider every small detail before buying a radiant-cut diamond ring for your engagement so that it will lift the mood of your partner.

  1. Vintage-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

It is a rare type for rings because people typically choose basic designs as they are accustomed to them. Vintage-cut rings reflect the uniqueness and personality of a person, which is why people often go for simple styles. Such rings are also available in a variety of innovative looks, ranging from feminine blossoms to subtle, gorgeous styles and more. The vintage-cut rings are expensive because they require more stones as compared to simple designs, and people usually prefer diamonds for them. The white gold base gives it a traditional look.

  1. Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Pear-shaped diamond rings are less expensive yet it appears larger and makes the finger look elongated which is the main reason for their demand. Pear is a magnificent cut that displays more colour than other cuts, notably when set in white gold. The tip represents one of the most distinguishing features of a pear-shaped jewel and is normally protected by a V-shaped strand or edge-to-edge setting. Pear-cut engagement rings are made for someone who loves to do things differently because it is an unusual form for rings, in short, it reflects the unique personality of the wearer.

  1. Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Not everyone loves modern art some people find comfort in traditional things. Solitaire rings are best choice for person who has traditional touch because it is timeless symbol of grace and culture.

  1. Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Every bride was first a princess as a young girl, which has made the princess-cut diamond ring the second most popular engagement ring in Toronto. Because of its square shape, it resembles a radiant cut. But it has sharp edges, not rounded edges, which make it different from radiant cut. Princess cut stones have a modern touch that exudes buoyancy. Setting a princess cut diamond in white gold creates a modern and antique aesthetic while highlighting its excellence.