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What Should a Ring Buyer Look for When Buying a Ring?

The most common dilemma a Ring Buyer faces is what type of ring would work for a particular occasion. Whether it is for a wedding or engagement, a ring is a sign of celebration. To be clear, ring buying is not that hard if you follow the steps mentioned in this blog. These will help you purchase the perfect ring for your Partner. Finding a perfect ring is not an easy job and for that very reason, this blog will gladly put you at ease. You can always follow tradition and start with an engagement ring, or you can forego tradition and go directly in purchasing a wedding ring.

The 4Cs that Every Diamond Buyer Should Consider

It is important to be careful when you are buying a diamond ring. You need to know the 4Cs of diamond buying, these are Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. That is not all, you have to choose the kind of ring you would like to present. Currently, these four rings are the most popular in the market today i.e., Art Deco, Asymmetrical, Delicate and Organic. Each of these ring styles defines your desires and choices. The critical factor that many ring buyers look for is the price. Diamond rings are the most expensive in the market today.

Types of Gemstones

For many ring buyers, picking the right stone is as important as the style. Currently in the market, seven stone features are among the trending. These are:

  • Emerald colour
  • Rose colour
  • Princess shape
  • Baguette shape
  • Marquise shape
  • Trillion shape
  • Round Shape

Always remember, that stones are the basis of a ring. The shine, colour, and shape of the stone are what make buying a ring important. That is why you need to look for a stone that is in your price range.

Choosing the Metal for Your Ring

The next step is that every ring buyer must be aware of what type of metal they will use for the ring. The most prominent is Yellow Gold, whereas White Gold is preferable. The choice is yours. It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend on the ring. In the Canadian market, an 18-carat ring is the most expensive, compared to a 9-carat ring. Carat refers to the quality of the metal you use. Not to be confused with the weight of the stone. And as mentioned before, the higher the carat of metal, the more expensive it will get.


The next thing, many ring buyers must know is that gold comes in a variety of colors and is the best candidate for an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Currently, Rose Gold is the most popular choice. This is because it is made with the synergy of copper, silver, and gold. True workmanship comes into play when a rose gold ring is created. The second most sought color is White Gold. It is also a great work of art as it blends silver with pure gold. The durability of these colours can last for generations. And as compared to yellow gold, these are the better choices. Most jewelers will recommend you platinum for an engagement ring. This is due to the part that platinum is more durable than gold and is highly unlikely to tarnish.

Stone Setting

The next step in ring buying is to understand the setting of the stones. This is the most important choice. A solitaire ring is a diamond in the middle of the ring. Whereas, a shoulder setting is like a solitaire ring, it comes with other smaller diamond insets that are present around the ring. The three-stone setting is great for engagements, and it involves stones linearly. The rarest design choice is the Halo setting. This involves one large stone with smaller stones in a border.


Lastly, every ring buyer must know the ring size of the Partner. Asking for a ring size might break the surprise, but it is always necessary to know the size. You don’t want to buy a ring that is either too big for her finger or too small. Many quality jewelers offer a quality of free resizing if you are not sure what is your partner’s size. Planning a wedding is not as hard as buying a ring. Keep in mind, since there is a huge investment, it is always wise to insure your ring. In the event of theft, loss, or even damage, you need to be covered.