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All About Diamonds

“Be like a diamond, precious and rare, Not like a stone, that is found everywhere.” – Rita Gatourey DIAMONDS. The most sought-after precious gemstone for more than 2000 years. Their beauty, radiance and strength continues to be unmatched. Unconquerable is the diamond’s very essence and within it’s very name, from the Greek adamas and the Roman diamas, resisting even fire and steel, they seem truly, invincible. Symbolism Clarity: Diamond clarity is internationally recognized as the

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How to Select A Quality Diamond: The Four C’s of Diamonds – #1 Colour

Image credit: IGI https://www.igi.org/assets/pdf/diamond-4cs/IGI-4cs-chart-EN.pdf Colour Although diamonds do come in various colours called the rare ‘Fancy Coloured’ diamonds, we will focus here on the increased value of the lack of colour in a diamond and the grading scale used. In a future post, Fancy Coloured diamond scales will be discussed. As mentioned on our site, less colour means a higher colour grade and thus, more value! A yellow tint would score lower on the colour

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How to Select A Quality Diamond: The Four C’s of Diamonds – #2 Clarity

Clarity Tiny imperfections inside the diamond are called inclusions or clarity characteristics which formed while the diamond was developing. Surface imperfections are called blemishes. These flaws interfere with the light’s path through your diamond and can affect the sparkle! Clarity is often not as important as cut and colour because most inclusions are microscopic. Furthermore, since no two diamonds are alike, knowing your diamond’s imperfections or inclusions can help to identify it. Diamond clarity is

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How to Select A Quality Diamond: The Four C’s of Diamonds – #3 Cut

Cut CUT refers to the diamond’s symmetry, as opposed to its SHAPE (such as Pear, Heart, Oval, Princess, etc) and gives the diamond its attributes of brilliance, fire and scintillation! A skilled diamond cutter will choose the most enhancing cut, as the diamond is viewed from above, maximizing the interplay with light through these attributes of appearance. Brilliance is the brightness you see from all internal and external white light reflections. Fire refers to the

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