Gold : 3,198.89


Silver : 40.68


Platinum : 1,358.22


Palladium : 1,276.11

Tips for Buying Diamond Jewellery October 26, 2022 – Posted in: Diamond Buyer, Diamond Jewellery

Jewellery of every type requires great care if you want it to maintain its appearance over time. A diamond is among the most expensive yet beautiful jewels that attract everyone when buying jewellery. Many people don’t check the true quality and clarity of the gemstone and are only fooled by the superficial shine of the jewellery. But this is not the right way to purchase such precious pieces of jewellery. If you didn’t pay attention…

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Diamond Jewellery for Every Occasion October 17, 2022 – Posted in: Diamond

Diamond jewellery has always been one of the most attractive fashion accessories. For festivities, folks love to wear a beautiful and delicate piece of jewellery and for this purpose they spend a lot of time selecting one according to their apparel. To stand out in a crowd, a woman’s first pick is always something “diamond” because it is shinier and prettier on every look. A gorgeous piece of jewellery complements and accentuates the physical trait…

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