Gold : 3,205.84


Silver : 40.94


Platinum : 1,334.55


Palladium : 1,281.26

Some Facts and Myths about Canadian Jewellery February 13, 2023 – Posted in: General, Jewellery

Canada is one of the countries that mints gold. The country is also a founding member of the Commonwealth, an international body that includes India and 50 other countries. The Commonwealth countries all had a similar history of being subject to the British Empire before declaring independence. Canada also has several of the world’s largest mining sites for gold, and people all around the world purchased approximately $300 million in Canadian gold in 2016. No…

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The Perfect Accessories for Valentine’s Day February 9, 2023 – Posted in: General, Jewellery, Lifestyle

Many people love to wear jewellery and some never take it off because they attach a special feeling to it. Every piece of jewellery has some significant meaning, and it enhances the beauty of the person who wears it. If you want to make someone happy, then jewellery is the finest gift, especially when it is made of precious metal. Everyone has a different personality and makes different choices in terms of being accessorized so…

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