Gold : 3,199.90


Silver : 40.87


Platinum : 1,365.07


Palladium : 1,292.40

Gleaming Symbols of Love: Men’s Yellow Gold Wedding Bands August 31, 2023 – Posted in: Gold, Wedding Jewellery

Wedding bands, in their unassuming and elegant simplicity, carry profound significance for the institution of marriage. These circles of precious metal are far more than just adornments; they symbolize love, unity, and commitment. Wedding bands hold great importance in every culture because they are a sign of bonding and commitment. While getting married, a wedding band is the most important thing for the couple, and people take a lot of time choosing one for their…

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INTERESTING FACTS AND MYTHS ABOUT WEDDING BANDS January 16, 2023 – Posted in: Wedding Jewellery

Wedding season brings  plethora of excitement to every member of family, and the search for the best wedding bands starts. Mens Wedding Bands are an essential part of the wedding, which is why they always take center stage. People try to make things better at the time of their wedding because, in many cases, it only happens once, so it desired to have a perfect wedding. While buying a wedding band, there are certain things…

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