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Bangles are among the most traditional and quite well-known type of gold jewellery and have an important function in many customs and practices. Bangles can be made from a variety of materials, such as gold, glass, ivory, and lac. In numerous social groups and castes, they serve as key emblems of married women and are worn on the wrist. In ancient times, people used their gold bangles as a heritage that passes on to the new generation and it became a common custom among many typical social groups. There’s no incorrect way to wear gold bangles (or two…or five), whether dangling delicately from an entirely bare wrist or nestled in a massive, elbow-encroaching stack. They’ve long been a must-have adornment, especially during the hot summer months.

A woman has a very special place in her soul for bangles. A set of bangles invariably completes a classic look and enhances the apparel, whether they are part of simple collections or completely elaborate ones. Bangles hold a special place in traditional Indian systems for categorizing a bride’s overall appearance. Simple gold bracelets are a common thing or adornment that is most frequently used in Indian households. However, finding the ideal pair of simple gold bangles for daily wear and preserving them is a challenge in and of itself.


Things to Consider While Buying Gold Bangles

Consider the Weight of Your Bangles

The durability, design, and weight of the gold are three of the most important qualities to consider when choosing simple gold bangles for everyday wear. Gold bracelets that are lighter in weight and suitable for daily wear are frequently preferred over bulky ones because they get in the way and are more susceptible to harm. Bangles now tend to be made in basic, unadorned designs. You should check the weight of the gold bangle when purchasing one for everyday wear to make sure it is substantial. Simple gold bangles for everyday wear should be made of 18KT gold.

The Size of Your Bangle Is Important

When it comes to daily wear, the size of your bracelet is important. Despite other situations when you are more vigilant, you are generally less cautious during routine use. When compared to huge bangles, choosing the proper size is important since it will not drop off your hands and will appear gorgeous. The most important consideration when choosing daily wear bangles is comfort.

Choose Bangles Based on Your Needs

When it pertains to simple gold bangles for everyday use, you will be astonished by the variety and range of possibilities available. Office wear bangles, daily wear bangles, single bangles, bracelet style bangles, diamond bangles, gemstone bangles, kada, adjustable bangles, occasional wear bangles, and many more are available entirely based on the occasion and the use because it is very crucial to wear the correct accessory according to the event, otherwise it will make you look foolish. Particularly for bangles, it is very important to choose wisely before grabbing a set for yourself because if you are unaware of the use you might be considered outdated.


The Significance of Gold Bangles in a Woman’s Life

Bangles were the accessory that was made for married women in old times, but as the world evolved, a bangle has become a common trend for every individual, including men. According to the “experts”, it was traditionally deemed unlucky for married ladies to not wear bangles. This was because it was thought that women who did not wear bangles attracted any adverse forces that could harm their marriage and children. It was additionally thought that if the women in the house wore bangles regularly, it would improve the health of the entire family. Bangles were often worn with traditional attire like gowns, but now they are a daily wear accessory that people adorn on every outfit. Modern people love to do things that make them look unique so that is the main reason for the use of gold bangles in the 21st century.


Benefits of Wearing Gold Jewellery

Many people used to assume that wearing gold jewellery had religious and physiological benefits, such as stress reduction. Furthermore, gold jewellery is beautiful to wear and has shown to be useful since then. Alchemists in Alexandria, Egypt, developed a gold medicine to boost the body’s vitality and aid in the treatment of diseases. So let’s discuss some of the benefits of wearing gold jewellery.

A Meaning of Glamour and Sophistication

The design of a piece of jewelry must be exquisite and practical. There should be a hint of gold and jewels in it. A variety of jewellery boosts our confidence and brings us joy. You can make subtle gold jewellery out of gold, other precious metals, and gemstones. Common examples include rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. To maximize the potential of the innovative materials used, good design is crucial. It’s important to know how much jewellery and gold to wear so that it stands out without being overpowering.

Maintains Body Temperature

Due to its innate ability to control body temperature, gold is frequently used as a cure. For instance, wearing gold jewellery is a popular method for menopausal women and is thought to be very effective. Because gold regulates temperature, wearing gold jewellery can cause you to perspire and get the chills. By maintaining a healthy temperature, gold helps the immune system.

Possesses Healing Qualities

You will notice the impact on every part of your body because the therapeutic effects of gold are intertwined with different organ systems. It is still considered to boost blood circulation and ease painful and stiff muscles. In ancient times, people thought the material had special healing properties.

Brings Out Bright Skin

The Chinese and Egyptians donned gold jewellery to appear young. They felt that the metal would keep them young and flawless for the rest of their lives. For generations, royals have worn gold as a beauty product. The appeal of it as an item of beauty has recently increased, and many individuals have benefited from wearing it. It’s supposed to tighten, hydrate, and smooth the skin. There is no need to make any extra effort to achieve these results.


Unique Designs for Gold Bangles

With every age the style of gold bangles changes, and people accepted different designs of bangles to complement their look. Gold bangles can be worn as a set or you can also wear a single piece according to your preference. Teenagers usually prefer to wear a single bangle like a bracelet because it makes them look subtle and elegant. The following are the common designs of gold bangles that are loved by a great many people.

Havalla Kattu

Also referred to as “coral bracelets”, havalla kattu are made of golden flowers and coral beads from the Malabar Coast. Havalla Kattu bangles are a piece of Mangalorean culture and are thought to have come about as a result of the Indo-Russian trade, in which coral beads were obtained from the Mediterranean and Ceylonian coasts. Churi, Bangdi, Naugari, Kangan, Pahunchi, Gaira, Patri, Bartana, and Dastband are a few of the different bracelets and bangles made in North India. Havalla Kattu bangles are a traditional wedding accessory, especially for those who adore the extravagant appearance.

Rose Gold Plain Bangle

Rose gold is the most common and favored colour in gold because these days pastel colour jewellery is in fashion so rose gold is the ideal type of gold in bangles. Moreover, a unique design in a rose gold bangle is the perfect piece of jewellery because it elevates your personality. People normally wear a single bangle to look aesthetic and sophisticated. A broad bangle of rose gold is an ideal piece because it covers your hand like a bracelet. It is advised to wear a rose gold bangle with a plain silk dress as it is considered a perfect match.

Gold Love Bangle

Women love beauty, and when a gift shows the love of a cherished man, it carries an extra special value. Similarly, a love bangle is a perfect piece of accessory that can strengthen your relationship. It has hearts engraved on it that enhance the beauty of this bangle. Furthermore, it gives your personality a delicate look, and it goes well with a soft look. A gold love bangle can be worn with your daily attire; additionally, it can be worn on special occasions. A love gold bangle is an ideal gift for your lover.

Gold Bangle for Men

Bangles are particularly made for women, but in today’s world, a man can also wear jewellery just as a woman can. In the ancient age, bangles were only worn by women, but now men also wear funky accessories to look stylish. For men, a plain gold bangle would be perfect because an extravagant bangle would take away from their masculine look.



  1. Are glass bangles better than gold bangles?

If you are wearing a set of bangles for pleasure, then it would be perfect. But if you are considering the economy of the world, then a set of gold bangles would be better.

  1. How do you style your formal look with bangles?

For a formal look, it is advised to wear a single gold bangle of decent design because if you have a set of gold bangles, it will make you look odd. Also, with a formal look, it is always better to choose delicate pieces of jewellery to project class.

  1. Which type of bangle will look perfect at a wedding?

It depends on your choice, whether you like simplicity or extravagance, because both will look good if you can style them well. It also depends on your attire.