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Pearl Wedding Earrings as jewellery has been in demand for centuries because pearl is the world’s oldest gem. They surpass traditions and generations and remain as popular nowadays as they were in the past. Pearls constitute an exceptionally special jewel because they are found in the sea rather than on land. They are strikingly gorgeous and do not need a finishing process to enhance their natural glow. In Western cultures, the pearl is associated with the planet Venus. Pearls have a watery relation due to their structure. According to a legend, the tears Eve shed when she was exiled from Eden turned into pearls.

Pearls  have historically been connected with money, sensuality, sanctity, intellect, compassion, and serenity. They have been equated to the moon due to their appearance, and are believed to have a comforting, caring, and enhancing impact on the wearer. Pearls are also considered stunning and feminine gemstones today. Pearl jewellery is regarded as vintage, graceful, and classic. Pearl jewellery is an excellent option if you want to wear something that exudes timelessness and elegance. Pearls are also the June birthstone.

The high cost of brilliant pearls inspired an unusual charm for economic growth in prehistoric days. The caster would choose a pretty excellent pearl, imbue it with the urge for immense wealth, and then discard it in a garbage heap. The notion behind this kind of magical thinking was that somebody who was able to throw away pearls was wealthy.


How to select Pearl Earrings for a Wedding


When it comes to selecting jewellery for your wedding, there are various things to take into account when looking for a pair of pearl wedding earrings.

Style of Earrings

The first thing that is most important to consider is the style of pearl wedding earrings. This will most certainly be determined by a combination of your personal preferences, bodice, attire style, and hairstyle. Longer pearl drop earrings, generally, look beautiful with lower bodices like V-necks, and off-the-shoulder designs. They also look super stylish in backless gowns, and their attractive appearance can change simple wedding gown ensembles. Pearl drop earrings look good on loose buns, or a half-up, half-down hairstyle.

Colour of Pearl

For understandable reasons, white pearl wedding earrings are the most popular option. However, you are not required to use white if you do not wish to. Again, it is critical that you choose a colour and style that complement your personality as well as your outfit. Warm whites complement most skin, whereas creamy whites and champagne colours highlight the warmth of darker skin tones along with those who tan well. Likewise, cool whites go well with crisp white clothes, while creamier whites go well with modern white gowns. Additionally, you must opt for eye-catching bridal statement earrings. You’ll have to select a metal for the earring surrounds. Cool, white metallic colours are best suited for cool skin tones.

Type of Pearl

Another significant consideration when choosing pearl wedding earrings is the type of pearl. You can presume a bit of distinct size, luster, and cost, along with a range of different hues, based on which you pick. The biggest and most precious saltwater pearls are South Sea pearls. South Sea pearl wedding earrings for brides are a popular choice due to their matte texture and silver-white overtone. If you want a brighter colour, they are also available in gold and champagne. Moreover, due to their size and scarcity, these glamorous gems tend to be the most costly. In contrast, Akoya pearls are the smallest saltwater pearls with an indicative, sleek design. Consequently, Akoya pearl statement earrings will draw attention to your face without dominating your appearance.


Pearl VS Diamond

In terms of Beauty

Diamonds are famous for their magnificent luster and their capacity to engage with light. They are usually cut to highlight their excellence. When light strikes a diamond, it deflects and refracts away from the viewer, which makes it look outstandingly shiny.

Pearls, in contrast, are prized for their colour and luster, which is identified as “pearlescence”. The luster of pearls is caused by light conversing with the crystals in the nacre of the pearl and refracting light back to the viewer’s eye.

In terms of Value

Pearls were rarely present until the emergence of cultured pearls. Furthermore, once researchers discovered how to grow pearls in oysters, pearls entered the marketplace, creating abundance and driving down prices. Nonetheless, South Sea pearls continue to lead to exorbitant prices, and natural pearls remain outrageously costly.

One of the most common misconceptions about diamonds is the belief that they’re extremely rare. This is not correct. Diamonds are very prevalent, but what makes them unique is the diamond industry’s strict supply supervision, which causes insufficiency to keep up or raise prices. In reality, diamonds are plentiful all over the world.


Pearl Earrings

Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the most famous type of earring because it makes you look pretty and sophisticated. For weddings, studs are the foremost choice because a majority of people avoid wearing heavy pieces of jewellery with their pretty bridal gowns as it looks extravagant. Akoya cultured pearl studs are the ideal choice because of their minimalistic look. Moreover, Akoya cultured pearl studs are coupled with rounded diamonds for a timeless and dynamic look that’s perfect to wear on your wedding day and even beyond. The gold base of the studs makes it more unique and beautiful.

Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings

Modern brides love to look stylish on their big day, so the hybrid pearl-drop earrings are stylish and eye-catching, which makes them perfect. The pearls dangling from the freshwater pearl studs add a gorgeous twist to the quintessential accessory while also making it more affordable. They’re made of 14K gold and measure 1.25 inches from top to bottom. We envision these earrings standing out against a stylish dress. The combination of gold and pearl elevates the demand for earrings. Drop pearl earrings with a gold base will appear lovelier. The most remarkable fact about pearl drop earrings is that they can be worn with a dress code, which is a current trend. They are appropriate for any special occasion and provide a wonderful charm to the bride and her attire.

Blue Nile Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings

Ear jackets are currently trending, and people love how the Blue Nile combined them with the antique glory of pearls. The freshwater cultured pearl earrings can be worn along with the pearl ear jacket, or you can wear them without the ear jacket, giving you two styles for the price of one. The round pearls measure 0.68 inches in length and are placed in sterling silver and alloyed with rhodium to protect against tarnishing.

Pearl Chain Earrings

Chain earrings are trending these days because they are new in fashion. They will give the bride a splendid look, but it is entirely based on the wedding dress and hairstyle if you want people to notice your charming pair of earrings. These intricate, dangling earrings are ideal for the sophisticated bride. Three oval-shaped pearls are hung through a solid silver chain to create each earring. They come in one size, 5-7.5 millimeters, and would look great with a maxi dress or off-the-shoulder top to highlight your bare shoulders.

Earrings with Pearl Hoop

Hoop earrings are beautiful. They symbolize both power and global fashion. Hoop earrings also are worn by many people all over the world and are regarded as one of the most popular styles. Pearl hoop earrings are distinctive and fashionable because the entire circle is encrusted with beautiful pearl stones. The pearl elevated hoops are sure to make you get hooked. The dainty, subtle, and elegant 14K yellow gold beauties are sprinkled with 3-millimeter round saltwater pearls. The hoop measures 16 millimeters in diameter. We also appreciate the twist-hinged closure for ease of use and durability. Pair these with a simple, no-frills wedding gown to highlight their individuality.



How to clean pearl earrings?

If pearl earrings are stained or looking dull, then take lukewarm water and add dish soap to it.  it. Dip a clean cloth in the mixture and clean your earrings with it.

Should I wear pearl or diamond earrings on my wedding day?

If you are wearing a dress that has pearl embellishments, then go with pearl earrings otherwise wear diamond earrings.

What are the best pearl earrings to buy?

It depends on your wedding dress so choose it wisely according to your wedding gown.

What is a good size for pearl stud earrings?

The most common pearl stud earring size is between 7.0 and 8.0mm. The 7.0-7.5mm and 7.5-8.0mm pearls have a dainty appearance and will not feel too heavy or fall forward on the lobe.

Which pair of earrings to wear with a pearl necklace?

Pearl necklaces look fantastic when paired with diamond stud earrings or a simple gold or silver chain necklace. When you eliminate the notion that pearls are only for special wear, you’ll find yourself naturally integrating them with your go-to pullover sweaters.