How to Select A Quality Diamond: The Four C’s of Diamonds – #4 Carats August 3, 2021 – Posted in: Educational Gems Mini-Series, Gemstones


It’s important to clarify what a carat is and what it is not.

The diamond carat starts with a ‘c’ and is abbreviated to ct. This carat can often be mistaken for the gold purity karat which is ‘kt’.

Furthermore, carats reflect the weight of a diamond and not its size:

1 metric carat is exactly 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. The carat is then divided into 100 points making precise measurement possible.

Although carats can be impressive, it is actually better to focus on the cut. Why? A larger diamond can appear smaller because of a poor cut. Whereas a quality cut in a smaller diamond can increase the light reflection, visually creating a more impressive effect.

It makes more sense to have more sparkle than weight. A simple demonstration of the ‘cut effect’ is often sufficient to convince event the biggest ‘size’ supporter to reconsider when shopping.

At Aaron Signature, we want to you to experience diamonds in their best light with all 4 C’s on your side. Since diamond prices increase with carat weight, we suggest saving money with this advice:

Purchase a carat weight slightly below half and whole carats.

By choosing a 0.9 ct diamond over 1.0 ct or by passing on a 1.5 for 1.4ct diamond you will be able to allocate more towards a higher-grade cut which ultimately creates the most effect.

The slight carat difference will not be noticeable but a luminous cut will increase brilliance and make all the dazzling difference.

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