How to Select A Quality Diamond: The Four C’s of Diamonds – #2 Clarity August 2, 2021 – Posted in: Educational Gems Mini-Series, Gemstones


Image credit: IGI (International Gemological Institute)


Tiny imperfections inside the diamond are called inclusions or clarity characteristics which formed while the diamond was developing.
Surface imperfections are called blemishes. These flaws interfere with the light’s path through your diamond and can affect the sparkle!

Clarity is often not as important as cut and colour because most inclusions are microscopic. Furthermore, since no two diamonds are alike, knowing your diamond’s imperfections or inclusions can help to identify it.

Diamond clarity is graded on an 11 point scale created by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) using 10x magnification. Your diamond scores a higher clarity grade with fewer and less visible inclusions.

Don’t fret over the diamond being ‘flawless’ since it’s very rare at <1% of all diamonds and is only confirmed with the aide 10x magnification.

Maximize your budget by shopping for what experts call an ‘eye clean’ diamond meaning that imperfections are not visible to the naked eye.

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