Important Things to Consider while Buying Gold Jewellery November 17, 2022 – Posted in: Jewellery – Tags: , ,

Gold is one of the most preferred jewellery for every occasion. It valued more than other precious metals, and it will remain the most valuable for longer. The reason for having gold the most shopped metal is that it is affordable and you can make every piece of jewellery out of it within a limited amount. Gold is not only an expenditure but also serves as a fashion accessory that is worthy of wearing. It adds beauty to your look and makes you look different.

With every new trend in gold, it is retaining its importance and making people go crazy for it. But people usually don’t heed the significant factors while buying gold. As we are all aware of the fact that gold is the best way to invest so it is better to make a wise choice when investing your money, even the one who has ample knowledge about metals. In this blog, we have mentioned some essential factors to consider while buying gold jewellery online, so have a look at it.

Important Consideration

  1. Purity of Gold

The purity of the gold is the most important thing because if you are buying gold jewellery that is not pure then you are investing your money in the wrong item. It is not easy to judge the purity of gold at first, especially when you are Buying Gold Jewellery Online so you must seek expert advice that can assist you before purchasing. The gold we buy often made of gold alloy and some are made of other alloys. The worthy piece of jewellery is the only one that is made of pure gold alloy. The purity can determined by the percentage of Gold. The purest form of gold is 24K or 999+/-50 Parts per Thousand (PPT). Gold jewellery can found in 14K or 18K gold.

  1. Wastage Charges

While making jewellery it passes through a series of steps that include melting, cutting, and shaping. So, during these steps, the remaining part of the gold called the waste. Makers also charge money if they make custom-designed design jewellery and the buyer is bound to pay the extra amount even though the use of innovation in the production of gold jewellery has significantly reduced waste.  You can ask them your jeweller if the item is made by hand or by using machinery because the simple design makes less wastage in comparison to complex designs. So prepared to pay the wastage charges if you want to custom design any design.

  1. Colour

The gold colour very attractive, and gold is identified its but still, gold paint multiple variations. When gold combined with other metals it changes colour as well as loses its purity. There are various types of gold available, like white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, etc. But the most famous type is yellow gold and people often buy yellow gold. For rings and pendants, white gold and rose gold preferred.

  1. Hallmark

Hallmarking market best known for providing the best gold-buying tips. If you have no experience buying gold and you are not aware of the scams then you will get insecure before making any decision. It assures the company’s authenticity statements are credible and valid. It checks the purity of whether the gold you want to buy composed of pure material or if the jeweller has used other materials in the making. All pieces of jewellery must be hallmarked, which can be accomplished through marking or laser etching. So, it advised to check the hallmark before buying gold.

  1. Weight

The majority of times, people check the weight of an item for their security because the price of the jewellery determined by the weight. The price of the gold market changes every day, so it is better to check the price by using internet services on valid websites so that you will know the rate of the market. While buying gold jewellery online you can check the weight and then calculate the cost according to its weight. Ensure the gold weighed and billed separately to stop spending additional amounts.