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Great question!

Rent fine jewellery and rent luxury watches.
Fine diamonds can be rented along with fine pearls.
Renting diamond jewelry or renting ruby rings is just as easy as renting emerald bracelets and sapphire necklaces – and remember that jewellery is not just for ladies, and watches aren’t just for men!

You save big and you win big in so many ways!

You benefit from a selection of high quality and genuine pieces. Guaranteed to get attention, your rented jewelry is always clean and sparkly!

Most importantly, you get the wonderful opportunity to exceed your budget – make that greatly exceed it! Luxury eye-catching pieces can be enjoyed for a fraction of retail prices.

Furthermore, let’s face it. How many of us buy something to wear for a special occasion and never do so again? How much “stuff” is buried here, there, and everywhere? You can be done with all of that. And “psst” – to all ladies – renting for one-time events is now all the rage. Just think – the money you save on jewellery and watches quickly adds up to bonus vacation trips and other treats. You too can ride the wave and win big!



Our favourite question!

Enjoy your luxury rental at your next:

Anniversary Celebration
Birthday Party
Corporate Event
Dinner with Key Client
Family Reunion

Do you have an upcoming wedding, your own or attending as a guest? By saving on the (almost endless) accessories required like necklaces and bracelets, you can easily upgrade that cost-conscious Niagara Falls honeymoon to a luxury cruise or a trip to Europe!

Calling all photographers and models too! You can transform your photoshoot by adding some sparkling brilliance here and there. Aaron Signature is very pleased to be of service to you too!

Valued Clients

Aaron Signature Rentals are only available in store.

Call us at (416) 229-4653.

Visit us at 4664 Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Our team is looking forward to seeing you shine!