10K White Gold Round Halo CZ Ring


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A 10k gold halo ring is a type of jewellery that combines the beauty and value of gold and diamonds. The 10k gold refers to gold content of ring, which is 10 parts out of 24 parts of pure gold. This means that the ring is made of 41.7% pure gold, with the remaining metal being made up of other alloys to give it durability and strength.


A halo ring is type of ring that features a central diamond or gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds or gems. The smaller gems, or “halo”, create a frame around the central stone, making it appear larger and more brilliant. The halo also adds an extra layer of sparkle and shine to the ring, making it a popular choice for those who want a standout piece of jewellery.


10k gold halo rings can found in variety of styles and designs, from simple classic to more elaborate and ornate. The central diamond or gemstone can vary in size, shape, and quality, and the halo can be made up of smaller diamonds or other gems, such as emeralds, sapphires, or rubies.


When choosing a 10k gold halo ring, it is important to consider the quality and size of the central stone, as well as the quality and number of smaller diamonds or gems used in the halo. A high-quality central stone and a larger number of smaller gems will result in a more expensive ring, but will also provide a more brilliant and eye-catching appearance.


It is also important to consider the design of the ring and the setting of the diamonds and gems. Some halo rings feature a prong setting, where the diamonds or gems held in place by small metal prongs. Other halo rings feature bezel setting, where diamonds gems encased in metal ring that sits snugly against the central stone.


Product Specification 

  • 10K White Gold.
  • All Cubic Zirconia stones.
  • Stock size 6.5.
  • Centre Stone 5.00mm.
  • Halo Stones 1.25mm.
  • Shank Width 1.30mm.
  • Rhodium Plated.


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White Gold








Cubic Zirconia










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