Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver November 29, 2017 – Posted in: Our Blog

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver
( written by Joe Talic )

Invest in your legacy today!

What will you bequeath to your loved ones or cherished causes? Will your legacy be a gift to stand the test of time? How secure are you in your investment?

Here are 10 of my all-time favourite reasons for securing my legacy with gold and silver:

( note that “gold and silver” means bullion bars and coins that you can trust like Canadian Gold and Silver Maples )


Reason #1

There is nothing more legitimate than gold and silver. Precious metals are real. They have quantifiable mass. You can measure the weight of gold and silver. Their security as investments is further enhanced because they cannot be artificially created by human whim or keystroke.


Reason #2

Speaking of tech stuff … the great thing about gold and silver is that there is no tech stuff. Absolutely no tech is required to preserve your legacy! You do not require internet access to get your gold. You don’t even need any electricity. No electronic access can hack into your silver coins and transfer them to another account. Nuff said.


Reason #3

Nothing increases security like privacy. Unless you are a television station, it is not your business to broadcast. Gold and silver bullion can be stored namelessly. Completely quietly. Even the very size of gold bars and coins whispers discretion. Sometimes it is the simple things that provide the biggest bonus. Small means compact. Compact means space efficient. In the case of gold and silver, a private investor wins several times over when it comes to storage and associated costs.


Reason #4

What good is your money if you can’t take it with you? For real. Perhaps not in a metaphysical sense, but certainly in a very real and practical sense. Gold and silver is private wealth that is extremely portable too. Your legacy must be transferable, rain or shine. Some day, it may be this fact alone that ensures your legacy for future generations.


Reason #5

The independence of gold and silver as investments cannot be underestimated. There is strength and security in maintaining a sound investment that is outside the financial system. I trust my investment in my hands, incognito all the way. It is prudence, not paranoia, to be wary of placing too much faith in any system that is (far) outside one’s immediate control. All human institutions, such as goverment and banking, are not infallible as history has demonstrated on more than one occasion.


Reason #6

What kind of a legacy does paper currency have? What sort of longevity? Do coins fabricated from base metals stand the test of time? Legacy is not just the value of your investment going forward. Legacy is also where your investment has come from. Gold and silver have been greasing the wheels of human civilization for thousands of years. Paper disintigrates in far less time. I strongly prefer to be optimistic regarding my generations going into the future. Here’s to quite a few of them being around for some time. Best to give them something that will last long enough to reach them!


Reason #7

Furthermore, gold and silver have not just been “hanging around” for all those thousands of years. Both have been used as money for over two millenia. When we speak of “legacy”, it is the intergenerational transfer of wealth that we are talking about. It’s hard to beat such a strong reputation as money and wealth across so much time and with so many different cultures.


Reason #8

The only “now” in legacy is it is something you can do and work on today. However, it is not about the “now”. It is from the past as a creation of the past. It only becomes legacy again when it travels into the future to benefit generations not yet born. This detachment from the “modern” appeals to me tremendously. Nothing I see around me today is built to last. We live in a throwaway culture. Last time I checked, nobody just “throws away” gold and silver.


Reason #9

My legacy is a very personal gift. I don’t know about you, but the true joy in gift giving for me is knowing my gift is cherished and accepted in the right spirit, just as I have given with the right spirit. Gold is a traditional gift everywhere you turn. A silver bar or a gold coin can commemorate any occasion such as a birth, anniversary, wedding, or just about any other special occasion. Let’s face it – you can’t go wrong with gold and silver gifts!


Reason #10

Your legacy becomes an inheritance when it enters our civilization and is thus bound by physical concerns such as laws and social codes. For all of the aforementioned reasons in this list, gold and silver continue to be a trusted form of wealth transfer between generations. Furthermore, you can clearly divide and designate gold and silver bullion between your inheritors. It’s harder to go wrong with the simple math of coin counting than it is to divvy up a house or a car!


There you have it! Ten great reasons to purchase your next silver bullion bar and Canadian Gold Maple today. What are you waiting for?