The Swarovski Crystal Story May 30, 2018 – Posted in: Our Blog

Aaron Signature School Series: Luxury Brands

The Swarovski Crystal Business produces lead glass ( “crystal” ) jewellery.

The company was founded in Austria by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. He was a glass cutter and jeweller. The advent of electricity fascinated him, with its practical application to glass grinding being of particular interest.

Swarovski patented his electric cutting machine in 1892. This revolutionized the production of lead crystal glass jewellery. His first crystal-cutting factory was located close to local hydroelectricity for the required energy. He was thus able to replace hand cutting and profitably mass-produce crystal stones that imitate the appearance of precious stones. Consumers flocked in droves to this novel affordable “luxury”.

Thus, Daniel Swarovski achieved his vision of creating “a diamond for everyone”.

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