The 4C’s of Diamonds – Carat weight June 5, 2018 – Posted in: Our Blog

Aaron Signature School Series

We have reached the last of the 4 C’s!

Let’s first clarify what a “carat” is (and is not). First, our “diamond carat” starts with a “c” and is written “ct.” for short. It is not the gold purity “karat” with a “k”! Furthermore, it is not a measure of diamond size but diamond weight, equal to exactly 0.2 grams.

A best practice is to focus on cut over carat. A larger diamond can appear smaller because of a poor cut. Furthermore, why pay more for a larger diamond with a poor sparkle? This simple demonstration is often sufficient to convince even the biggest “size” supporter to reconsider when shopping!

Aaron Signature Says:

Save lots of money! Buy a carat weight slightly below half and whole carats. By choosing a 0.9 carat diamond over 1.0 carat, or passing on 1.5 for 1.4 carats, you will not only have more funds for a better cut, but also you can rest assured that noone will ever notice!