Far Future For First Treasure November 19, 2017 – Posted in: Our Blog

Written by Joe Talic.

Do you remember receiving your very first silver dollar? Odds are that “favourite” relative gave it to you. You knew right away that it was no ordinary “coin” in the palm of your small hand. Definitely not that “change” stuff that the grown ups often flung your way (that phony “tin” money, that pop can stuff). Your silver dollar was something real. You could actually feel it. It had some substance to it that went beyond just the measurable difference in weight. Even if it was somewhat dull and worn, or even scuffed up a bit, there was no doubt in your mind that what you had in your hand was in fact TREASURE – just like what you would always read about in adventure stories or see in the movies!

My very first real treasure was both meaningful and made a lasting impression. As a Canadian, I am indeed fortunate to live in a country where the precious metals industry is a global leader. We benefit from the tremendous opportunity to enjoy the fruit of this industry in our everyday lives. The Royal Canadian Mint is an excellent example of a recognized global leader in the design and manufacture of both precious metal collector coins and bullion coins.

One of my all-time favourite coins issued by the Mint is the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Not only have I purchased Silver Maples myself, but I have also received several as gifts. Every single time I was cast back to my childhood and that very first coin. I have always found silver coins to be very moving gifts, with care and consideration behind each and every one.

The Government of Canada issues the Silver Maple every year. It is one of the finest official bullion coins in the world with a 99.99% silver content. Although it is legal tender with a face value of 5 Canadian dollars, the market value of the silver is determined by the spot price of silver. The standard version weighs 1 troy ounce (31.11 g). With a diameter of 37.97 mm (1.4948 in) and a thickness of 3.29 mm (0.1295 in), it is similar in proportion to the Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic, as opposed to the American Silver Eagle which is (noticeably) thinner and wider in diameter. Personally, I have always preferred thicker coins. Certainly it must only be “in my head”, but thicker coins always feel heavier to me!

Among the countless investment opportunities available, the attractiveness of bullion coins persists and always makes them contenders for consideration. There are no guarantees in life, and no single investment has a perfect track record. However, precious metals have historically proven their worth across many times and many different places.

For me, the value of investing in my next Canadian Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin goes beyond market fluctuations in the spot price of silver. The Silver Maple in my hand is physical. It has substance. It is real. Not at all like flashing electrons on the computer screen that display “values” that shift and sway, more illusion and (our) collective illusion than something “real”. I enjoy the security of knowing my Silver Maple is authentic, from one of the top mints in the world. Beyond that security, is the security that I can access it at any time, uncontstrained by the need for modern technology or even electricity. Furthermore, bullion coins can form a significant part of one’s legacy, to bequeath to loved ones or cherished causes – true treasure for the future. And last, but certainly not least, is the value I place on my personal privacy. Silver bullion, along with other precious metals bullion, is one of the last refuges of truly “private” investment. Such investment opportunity can be especially sound, depending on the attitude and nature of the investor of course!

Today, that very first treasure finds itself in the far future. Silver is still silver. A coin is still a coin. Bullion is still bullion. However, the future is now, a 21st century bursting with new achievement. One of the most exciting developments in bullion coin security is “Bullion DNA” anti-counterfeiting technology. This Canadian innovation, introduced commercially in 2014,  protects your Silver Maple with micro-engraving technology that registers your coin without marring it in any way. Investors and bullion dealers can authenticate coins on the spot with a reader device. Has my first silver dollar ever come a long way!

Beyond Silver Maple bullion coins, the selection of commemorative silver maple leaf coins and other collectors’ coins is really “something else”. The inspiring designs and craftsmanship continue to excel. You can find coins of smaller 1/2 ounce weights, along with sizes greater than 1 ounce. There is of course, even  more “treasure” available. Should you ever care to “size up”, or make that a “few” sizes up, look no further than the Silver Maple’s most distinguished cousin – the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf bullion coin!