Chanel 2.55 : The Celebrity Handbag May 11, 2018 – Posted in: Our Blog

Aaron Signature School Series

Luxury Fashion Handbags

Like many other accessories featured in our school series, this handbag made the leap from (plain old) luxury to icon thanks to some celebrity exposure:

A Flap bag and Brigitte Bardot are paired in a 1963 film.

The Diana bag is associated with um, well, (who else?) none other than Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.

The sixties was a Flap bag decade, seeing one with Jane Fonda in a 1968 film.

A Chanel Cambon bag was spotted being marketed, sorry – worn, by Nicky Hilton.

And none other than Elizabeth Taylor was loving her Chanel 2.55 as far back as 1961!

Stay tuned for more next week!