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Custom Jewellery Design. Designing jewelry just for your:  Custom Rings, Bracelets, Jewelry Design, Custom Necklaces, Personalized  Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings & more. Bring your own design & get it done today by expert Jeweler! Call to make an appointment: (416) 229-GOLD (4653) or visit us at the store location: 4664 Yonge St, North of Hwy 401. Leave us your message in our Contact Form and we will contact you shortly.

Express yourself today with a custom jewellery creation. Guide the creative process and transform your selection of precious metal and stones into custom engagement rings and custom wedding bands. Unique and stylish, you define the level of luxury of your creation from start to finish.

Why custom craft your silver ring, platinum ring,  or your diamond gold engagement ring?

To tell a story, of course! Your unique story. Far and wide to everyone you can!

Our resources will help you realize your vision. Aaron Signature combines expertise and experience, artistry and quality, with a production process that is 100% in house for your exclusive benefit.



You are not alone!

Regardless of your level of jewellery knowledge or artistic inclination, we work together with you every step of the way. From your initial consulation to the delivery of your custom jewelry, we are here to listen to you and guide you through your entire experience. Our support plus your engagement in all the steps ensures harmony between conception and creation.

Special occasions require special gifts. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your consideration in a unique and memorable way. Custom jewellery makes the ideal gift for a birthday, a wedding, or an anniversary. You can commission a custom work of art for just about any purpose.

A custom engagement ring for your intended. Custom wedding bands for the bride and groom.

Whether you choose a custom-made piece for yourself or for a loved one, Aaron Signature looks forward to delivering many smiles along with your story!



Legacies must start somewhere!

All family heirlooms, regardless of how many generations they have graced, all have a definite point in time when each one was first obtained. It is that initial intent that marks the future.

Your legacy, too,  must start somewhere. You can preserve memory by crafting with care. Your family and loved ones – your daughter, son, or grandchild – will all carry your legacy.

Let Aaron Signature help you create your legacy today!

Please note that once initial consultation and design is completed, a 50% deposit is required for work on your order to commence including the procurement of all raw materials required.

All custom designs and production rights remain the property of Aaron Signature.