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Aaron Buys Sell to us with confidence


Aaron Signature is a licensed professional jewellery buyer. Toronto, the capital of Ontario, Canada is our home. We are in the neighbourhood of North York.

Your jewellery requires reliable appraisal. Get assurance when assessing the value of your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and all other kinds of jewelry.

When you sell your watch or other luxury timepiece, Aaron Signature exercises great care in helping you realize the value of your asset.

“How do I sell my gold, or sell my silver? How about selling other precious metals and selling bullion too?” you may ask.

Aaron Signature Says:
We are your neighbourhood hub for not only selling precious metals, but also for selling bullion. You can sell gold and sell silver to Aaron Signature. You can also sell diamonds, or sell gemstones of all kinds!

You may also ask, “How can I get instant cash for my coins, or get cash for currency?”

Aaron Signature Says:
You can get cash for coins and cash for currency too! Please remember that Aaron is your community corner to get cash for collectibles of all kinds and cash for works of art as well.

With the passing of a loved one, you might be responsible for the disposition of a lifetime of personal belongings and valuables. Professional expertise may be required to determine an accurate assessment of the estate.

For all fine jewellery estate sales, Aaron Signature is your expert advisor. Our team can help you realize the potential value of your assets and compensate you immediately.


Where do I sell my estate jewelry in Toronto?

Aaron Signature Says:
You can sell estate jewelry at our bricks and mortar store, centrally located in Toronto, Ontario.
You benefit from a secure location and the expert guidance of our experienced team.