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Aaron Signature is not only your source for great deals on jewellery, but also for great deals on luxury watches. You get the opportunity to exceed your budget – and stay within it at the same time!

We are pleased to serve our North York neighbourhood, in the City of Toronto, the capital of Ontario, Canada.

Our in-house professional jeweller works together with you to design and custom craft a unique piece of jewellery as memorable as your experience creating it.

Aaron Signature is a licensed professional jewellery buyer. Our clients visit us for reliable jewellery appraisals. We act as expert advisor for fine jewellery estate sales. Our team helps clients realize the potential value of their assets and offers immediate compensation.

We are your neighbourhood hub for not only selling precious metals, but also for buying gold and silver bullion. Bequeath true treasure to those you cherish. It is our pleasure to help you invest in your legacy today.


You may require a discreet alternative to a bank loan or a finance company loan. Aaron Signature is a licensed pawnbroker. You can instantly qualify for a collateral jewelry loan.


We look forward to serving you when you visit our store!