Gold : 3,301.49


Silver : 40.46


Platinum : 1,334.31


Palladium : 1,285.55


Aaron Signature is your place to sell, loan, repair, and to shop for gold|silver| platinum jewellery and luxury Swiss watches.

Visit our bricks-and-mortar retail establishment where our knowledgeable staff is pleased to serve you.

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Toronto Gold Jewellery Center

Gold and Precious Metals Buy and Sell

You invest with confidence in certified gold, silver, platinum bullion products from the world’s leading mints.

Affordable Fine Jewellery and Swiss Watches

You enjoy deep daily discounts on fine jewellery and Swiss watches.

Toronto Gold Jewellery Center
Toronto Gold Jewellery Center

Select Financial Services

We are pleased to provide you with discreet private gold- and jewellery-backed collateral loans that require no credit check to qualify.

Jewellery And Swiss Watch Repairs

Quality repairs based on estimate.

Toronto Gold Jewellery Center

We support the Toronto business community and you benefit from these well-established industry ties. The precious metals, gemstones, and jewellery that you buy are sourced from our local Toronto supplier network.

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A note from Aaron Signature & Co.

What began as a hobby quickly became a
passion! From studying ancient coins and
collecting world currency to investing in
gold bullion and developing an
appreciation for fine jewellery. The story behind the passion inspires our Gold & Jewellery Centre.

We believe the greatest value is achieved
by sharing our experience with you.
Growing by learning is fun and faster
when working together. Discover the
added value that you are looking for.
Hard-earned expertise gained over many
years is ready to serve you right now

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